Compelling Leading

'Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders'

“What creates compelling leadership?”
“What’s different about the leader when people can’t help but follow?”
“What are the common attributes – characteristics that define a compelling leader?”

Researching Compelling Characteristics

Perpetually guided by the evidence criteria:

  1. is the person achieving great results,
  2. having massive impact,
  3. AND do followers WANT to be in close proximity to the Leader?

We modelled positive and contrastive examples of leaders around the globe to identify common or key characteristics and explore the nature of this attraction.

We dubbed this the ‘nectar to bees’ phenomenon.

Leaders in the field of modelling excellence and effective leadership styles made significant contributions to the research and development of the Compelling Leadership Model.

Program Summary

The Compelling Leading Coaching and Mentoring Program is made up of three core services, but delivered in a very individualised way the meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go:

Mindset Coaching with Deb Maes

Some specific sessions are suggested such as Values and Goal Alignment Strategy sessions. These are always good towards the end of the year, when making new year's resolutions and deciding on a new direction - in your life or business.

Coaching can be delivered to you directly, as well as your team. This can occur at times when you will learn something that you would like those around you to share also. Any sessions with individuals or groups in your team are provided as part of your program.

Specific team training can be requested and negotiated.

The important thing to know is that Deb is more than coaching and providing this unique, cutting edge program, she is your coach and walking alongside you and your team to achieve results and develop leadership skills.


Email or text contact to develop and strengthen communication and influence skills. This is for performance and capacity development of the ‘5 Nectars’ - the five characteristics of compelling leaders - and to keep you on track and motivated between scheduled sessions. Tools, tips and resources in the form of individualised audios, videos and articles will be provided.

These resources can also be shared with your team, through you, in a coaching session or a group setting.

Your Mentors

There are two types of mentors available; experts in their field of leadership or business and industry specific mentors.

An industry specific mentor is someone who has achieved a level of success that you aspire to in your own industry. You can nominate who your preferred mentor might be and they will be invited to participate in this program.

Meet our Global Expert Consultants

sukhy- bains

Partner, Leader's Quest Virginia

 - Published Author
- Founded Genomic Health Inc.
- Climate Change Quest Leader

sukhy- bains

NLP Master Trainer & Coach

- Published Author
- Neurobehaviour Modeller
- International Facilitator

sukhy- bains

Leadership Coach

- Associate Certified Trainer
- Executive Coach Trainer
- International Facilitator

sukhy- bains

Founder Leaders for Good

- Published Author
- Human Centric Leadership Consultant
- Executive and Leadership Coach

sukhy- bains

Learning and Development Consultant

- Instructional Design Expert
- NLP Master Trainer
- Founder of INLPTA

sukhy- bains

Senior Clinical Lecturer, University Otago

- Motivational Interviewing Consultant
- Clinical Psychologist
- International Facilitator

Meet our Mentors

sukhy- bains

Partner, Leader's Quest Virginia

- 10X levelUP leading
- Passionate about exponential results

sukhy- bains

Co-Founder/CEO Quiddity Sydney Australia

- Finance & Systems
- Passionate about understanding the ‘Why’

sukhy- bains

Entrepreneurial Property Developer Sydney Australia

- Thinking & Manifesting BIG
- Passionate about unleashing potential

The model is grounded in science and evidenced-based results.
Uniquely, it focuses on the “HOW TO BE”
rather than “WHAT TO DO”.

Research Method

Both compelling and not so compelling models of leadership were investigated – key characteristics of these leadership styles were were distilled and contrasted in view of their effectiveness. Leaders across the international and local community were modelled in a broad range of environments including those involved in political, business, community and localised project leadership.

Adopting the principles of NLP ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ modelling, sources included the utilisation of various sources such as YouTube clips, biographies, media and public performances (speeches and announcements), from both live and recorded, to first hand observations and direct interviews.

Leaders modelled included:

  1. Current and previous Australian Mayors, including the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover More & Warren Woodley, Mayor of Tamworth.
  2. Current and past political leaders including Barak Obama and Kevin Rudd.
  3. Present and past leaders: Ghandi, the Dali lama, Nelsen Mandela and Martin Luther King.

The Results

5 common characteristics emerged. These characteristics correlate with some of the latest discoveries of Neuroscience, fields of Cognitive and Applied Psychology.

The DebMaes model The 5 Nectars of Compelling Leadership is the result of this investigation. It covers these 5 common characteristics each of the successful "compelling" leaders displayed in their leadership style. The model brings together the decades of experience, current knowledge in various fields of human exploration and more importantly, is grounded on science and evidenced based results.

The 5 Nectars of Compelling Leading

No matter what the current level of leadership experience and skill, the “5 Nectars” is a comprehensive model that can take a leader to the next level in effectiveness.

Nectar 1: Self-Mastery - Mental and Emotional Control

“When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the most calm. Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on.” LL Cool J

Clearly great leaders are able to ‘keep their head’, ‘remain cool, calm and collected’ (as the expression goes.) It’s not what you do, but HOW that has the greatest impact and the HOW flows from the state of mind and the energy of the person.

Nectar 2: Leading with Vision – Direction

Compelling Leaders allow the ‘Vision’ to lead – not the person. Often they don’t even consider themselves a Leader, as they are outwardly oriented towards what fulfilling this vision means for the greater good.

Nectar 3: Present with Certainty - Clarity

Compelling leaders speak and present with certainty. This doesn’t mean always being sure about the result or even the path to achieving the result. It’s an absolute conviction that the way is forward and a way can be forged. When leaders present decisively with certainty, they evoke clarity.

Nectar 4: Develop Trust – Candid

They develop trust by speaking the truth and being candid. People know where they stand with this leader. This requires balancing a willingness to share vulnerably, while remaining dependable and strong.

Nectar 5: Creating Connection - Respectful

Especially attractive in these leaders is their deep respect for all people and perspectives. This is much more than just being polite; at an embodied level, they honour and value the perspective of the person. They deeply believe that there is something to learn from everyone and that we must and can work together.

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Perhaps you can’t fully appreciate what this will mean for you in terms of increased influence, income, personal fulfillment and satisfaction, though I look forward to your surprise as you choose to take this journey.

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