Master Mindset Coaching

''Nothing so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength'
-Saint Francis de Sales-

Interested in going for good to great
or exceptional to a whole new level?

You’ll not find any marketing copy here trying to sell you. Instead, let me just share with you what I do and how I help two kinds of people achieve mind-boggling results.

I work with:

  1. Busy professionals who are doing well and want to achieve more with less stress and gain better balance in work and life. To these I offer my Peak Performance coaching.
  2. Leaders who want to make real systemic change and lead others to leadership - 2nd Order Change Agents. To these I offer my Compelling Leadership Coaching & Learning Program. You can find out more about this here 

Program Information

Each session is guided by what is presented and where you are currently. I will provide a tool or tip that will leverage best what you can do to take you to your next level and set the direction for the month and week.

Each program is made up of three core services, but delivered in a very individualised way the meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go:

Scoping and Mapping

Direct contact via Phone, Zoom or in person, dealing with Scoping, Mapping and Change.
The amount of contact and the number of Scoping and Mapping activities covered depend on the program you select,

Scoping Exercises

  1. Information Gathering and Goal Setting
  2. Key Domain identification including: Relationships, Health, Finance, Mental/Spiritual, Career, Family, Wellbeing, Education
  3. Values Elicitation
  4. Uncovering your Life Purpose
  5. Identifying your Current Life Script
  6. Identification of Blocks to Success (negative emotions, beliefs systems and limiting decisions)

Mapping Activities

  1. Crystalising the Goal
  2. Reverse Engineering your Goals
  3. Crafting a quality Life Script
  4. Development of Your Personal Success Strategy
  5. Removal of Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Performance and Capacity Development

Email or text contact to develop and strengthen communication and influence skills.
This is for Performance and Capacity Development, and keep you on track and motivated between scheduled sessions

Email and WhatsApp
This mediums are used to follow up on the focus for the month and week. You may ask questions or provide feedback.
I will send additional resources, tips or prompt you to follow-up on things you are commited to do.

Performance and Capacity Development

  1. Written interaction analysis & development 
    Our language patterns do not only affect our results, but they also reveal the underlying structure that is creating our results (both enabling and limiting). Providing examples of your communication in a written form allows the communication process to be slowed down, so as well as being able to reveal the underlying structure, highlight patterns it also provides an opportunity to model skills you will be developing such as advanced questioning techniques, reframes or influential language patterns.
  2. Meta Program elicitation
  3. Visualisation development

Your Success Code, Knowledge & Skills Mastery

This is a learning program specifically for busy professionals. They are short sharp Focus Sheets designed to ensure you have a strong foundation for life and work.

They develop your knowledge and skills in a structured and systematic way They cover ALL the essential skills required for ‘Excellence’ – Your version of ‘Success”, but are chunked into micro skills so you become proficient with each part of competency in thinking and being. I provide these to you when they are most relevant. 

The ‘Focus Sheets’ take a maximum of 15 minutes to read or a 10 to15-minute audio to listen to on the go. They are simple and efficient to implement; it’s this simplicity that makes it effective.

Often it is the simple things that have the most profound impact and often it is those things that we simply overlook.

There are no additional time consuming activities or assignments to do, rather the activities can be implemented immediately and integrated into your daily activities. They are designed to ensure forward momentum and keep you on track towards your goals.

Other Programs


Perhaps you can’t fully appreciate what this will mean for you in terms of increased influence, income, personal fulfillment and satisfaction, though I look forward to your surprise as you choose to take this journey.

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We acknowledge the Kamilaroi people as the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and live. We recognise the strength, resilience and capacity of our Aboriginal community. We have the utmost respect for the Elders past, present and future. We aspire to join equally with our indigenous brothers and sisters in working to create a healthy and productive environment for the whole of our community.

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