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What is a Transformational Leader?

A leader transforms when the change they seek stems from their own identity … an identity that is grounded in a worldview mindset … a mindset that shows up in actions … actions that produce consistent substantive, irreversible changes in identity of followers and of systems being addressed by the leader.

The evidence criterion is this: do the actions of the leader create consistent, substantive and irreversible change in those around the leader, so that the leader is equipped to empower those around them to do influencing? This is called 3rd degree transformation.

You know from passed experiences that it is not sufficient to change how you talk so that you gain agreement from those around you but the impact stops there. Nor is it transforming an organisation or system to simply empower those around you to be better leaders. For consistent, substantive and irreversible change the effect must ripple out more widely than just those around those around you.

To achieve this 3rd degree transformation your actions must flow from a worldview mindset that is a direct and automatic reflection of who you are at an identity level. The implication is, if you want to be a leader that produces consistent, substantive and irreversible change so those around you around empower those around them to be leader, you must look at WHO YOU ARE and how that is reflected in your mindset. 

Why Identity Is Key?

Change at any other level; behaviour/actions or mindset requires constant maintained and is ultimately exhausting. Behaviours and thinking fluctuate from moment to moment and are affected by so many factors. It is like putting on a face or wearing clothes - to keep up appearances, we have to be constantly monitoring ourselves. And you know you are not your grooming or your clothes. 

By contrast, you are always YOU at an identity level, even when you are not performing any of the roles you take, even when you are asleep. For example, you know your gender and you are that gender even when you are not consciously aware of it and it subtly informs your actions without any effort – automatically and with ease. For you to conform to some other way of behaving that is contrary concept self – your inner identity - takes effort, doesn’t it? And that is not sustainable, is it?

Paying attention at the identity level is where you gain most leverage in impactful, permanent influence/impact/transformation…whatever you want to call it.

Next Level Leading is not simply about saying the right thing. It is not simply about doing the right thing. It is leading from the inside out. It is about BE-ing the change. Neuroscience tells us this is the most powerful way to create impact and change, because it uses how our brains naturally learn – through modelling what we see. 

What does this
Next Level Leader look like?

whose very character and values invite identification,

that creates purpose and meaning that moves a group toward a common goal,

to release energy, creativity, and contribution in others,

which honours and develops each person and recognises their contribution.

Becoming A Transformative Leader

Be yourself is easier said than done, I’m sure you agree. And for sound reasons. I can see others all day long, but how do I get to see me. The aspects of me that create impact – who I am, they are not visiable through my eyes. So how does one get to view themselves and make the shifts at an identity level – to impact their mindset with more than just knowledge and ideas, in a way that automatically changes their actions?

LevelUPLeading … is an extraordinary journeywhere you explore your sense of self as a leader and leave with a deeper, richer sense of how you can influence more fully in ways that benefit all around you.

LevelUPLeading … results in cohesive, coherant and compelling organisations, made up of individuals feeling empowered and at ease with their personal contribution to the team.

So how will you know that the LevelUPLeading program is for you? If…

  • You know that managing people doesn’t qualify as leadership…
  • You subscribe to the paradigm “I create my reality” and you’re committed to continuous improvement…
  •  In some cases, you don’t clearly understand what specifically you can transform to lead more effectively…  
  • You want a clean space and an extraordinary coach to help you see what you are missing… 
  • You want to make a difference in your organisation/community or the world, and
  • You know that with the right tools you can do all these things.

Outcomes Developed During the Program:

  • Engage others more fully in your Vision & Focus                 
  • Develop a greater personal presence                
  • Lead with clarity and confidence                
  • Know how to present as your authentic self                
  • Skill with identify clearly and resolve bottlenecks in systems                
  • Manage emotions and change processes with positive influence  

Dr Gene Early

Gene is one of those rare leaders, not because he’s made leadership his life’s passion, not because he makes innovative leadership understandable, and not because he walks his talk.

His greatest gift is that he knows the structure of how to enable you to be more exceptional than you already are.

A snippet of Gene’s Experience: 

  • Founder of Early Leadership Solutions & a Partner at Leaders’ Quest,
  • Host for the original ‘Leaders’ Quest’ to Silicon Valley, the Co-Founder of Genomic Health, a life sciences company, Former Vice Chancellor of Operations University of the Nations Kona Hawaii,   
  • Co-founder the first Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) training centre in Europe,                
  • An accomplished author he has written leadership titles such as; “3 Keys to Transforming Your Potential: An Accelerator’s Guide to the CEO Within” and “Leadership Expectations: How Executive Ecosystems are Created and Used in a Non-Profit Setting”. 

What People Say About Gene

“Gene is intuitive and engaging. He is masterful at quickly surfacing topical areas that will be of most relevance to those in the room, at that time, in that moment.”

David Levin,
Former Global CEO, UBM plc. London;
Presently CEO of McGraw-Hill Education, New York

“Gene has an outstanding ability to quickly identify people problems and bring them to attention. In providing the solutions, Gene has a high level of energy and leads clear thinking. Gene is a joy to work with. He exudes enthusiasm, is out-going and people oriented”

Randy Scott,
CEO and Chairman of InVitae

“Gene put me en route to realizing the rewarding life and business I have today. From the start he saw me for who I could be and he held that space for me over time… and still does. That was and still is profound for me. It was as if all the masquerades and masks that I had constructed over the years were invisible in his presence. I learned from Gene how to work with people, not just by giving them new behaviors and techniques but by tapping into the essence of who they are and their purpose in life”.

Sue Knight,
best-selling author of NLP at Work

“This guy, Gene Early, is a frickin’ genius. When it came to talking about the psychology of situations and the emotional undertones that can motivate people’s actions, he takes that soft, fuzzy, intangible mumbo jumbo and made it into very concrete, actionable thinking”.

Mike Azzara,
Exec Team Member, CMP Media, a UBM plc company

Want to know more about this program and when next Gene will be in Australia?

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Perhaps you can’t fully appreciate what this will mean for you in terms of increased influence, income, personal fulfillment and satisfaction, though I look forward to your surprise as you choose to take this journey.

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