Inner Realm Immersion Sanctuary (IRIS)

Essential Mindfulness Retreat - Level 1

Prerequisite to attending the 6 Senses Retreat

Am I the only one whose mind is always cluttered?
How can I have more calm and focus when I feel on the brink?
How can I get off the treadmill?

Modern life is difficult for us
for 3 main reasons:


We live in such a busy world – with the constant call away from Self and others and towards tasks, results, pressures, demands and technology. We’re so busy doing, we forget about being.

Fear of Failure

We live in a paradigm of Right and Wrong – Success and Failure – Positive vs Negative a constant judgment of everything. This creates constant critical noise in our minds.

We worry about how others might be perceiving us – what catastrophe will befall us if we fail. We are surrounded in an energy of fear – fear of failure or rejection.

Self Doubt

We have been taught incorrectly to rely solely upon logic – our conscious processing only. It leads us to seek information ‘out there’ – to trust what the expert says – to think, think, think our way through problems. We are constantly being told how we should think and be and live. We are not encouraged to go inside and check what it is we know at a deep intuitive level. This is not only a mistake, it’s a trap.

Our conscious intellect is just the tip of the iceberg. All this undermines our ability to know our self, to trust our self and creates self-doubt, leading to even more internal cognitive chatter.

If you desire peace of mind,
you will find it at the IRIS Retreat.

IRIS Retreat

Our Promise

IRIS is a place for you to learn highly effective meditation techniques to connect with your deepest, wisest Self. We use silence as a tool to release judgement and stories and learn to be present with what is.

This is an emergent program, fully customised to the group so it's different every time. We can’t promise a set curriculum but you can be sure you'll transform in ways you might never have believed possible.

Experienced meditators, who have been practising for years, have been "blown away" by the power to calm their minds much more quickly. Even some who believed "I can't meditate" have been surprised.

At IRIS retreat, we can promise you these:

Learn highly effective meditation techniques and connect with your deepest, wisest Self

A relaxed and refreshing atmosphere

A wealth of knowledge and lived experience on human behaviour and spiritual transformation

Learn what makes you tick

Come to know and appreciate your whole self - thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviours all

Transformational brain training

Practice seeing beyond the human psyche to the essence that resides within

IRIS is open
to those

who are willing to learn this kind of wordless connecting

who are willing to experiment and explore and to join in energy within

whom already have a sense of what it is like to be mindful and connected with an inner/higher /deeper source of intelligence

who know the wisdom of and aim to be gently with themselves and others

who are willing to hold a clean, open space for others

IRIS creates a space away from the hustle & bustle of daily living and the judgement of society
  • Whilst not a silent retreat, we do use silence as a tool for transformation and self discovery.
  • Whilst not a personal development retreat, you’ll learn tools to school the mind.
  • Whilst not a yoga or meditation retreat, we do practice Qigong and meditation for inner quietness.
  • And it prepares you for our "life-changing" 6 Senses experience.
  • Others have called it "indescribable, "profound," "potent," and "incredible.

Upcoming IRIS Retreat

Rainbows Reach,
Central Coast, Australia

8th - 11th December 2022
Rainbows Reach Retreat Centre
274, Toepfers Rd,
Wyee NSW 2259


$1,045 - Enrol before 19 Sept 2022
$1,770 - Enrol between 20 sept - 19 Nov 2022
$2,295 - Enrol after 20 nov 2022
All prices are in AUD inc GST


3 nights shared accommodation at the venue
Self-awareness program facilitation
Meditation training
Mindfulness practices and activities
Meals – 3 delicious, wholesome, mostly organic, with a wide variety of delicious vegetarian options meals daily
Qi gong sessions daily
Meditation sessions daily
Delights for the senses

Suite 6 | 179 Marius St, Tamworth, NSW 2340
+61 447 462 446
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We acknowledge the Kamilaroi people as the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and live. We recognise the strength, resilience and capacity of our Aboriginal community. We have the utmost respect for the Elders past, present and future. We aspire to join equally with our indigenous brothers and sisters in working to create a healthy and productive environment for the whole of our community.

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