Team Coaching

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“Organizations need advanced team coaches
who can steer them through periods of transition -
especially in today’s VUCA world.”

-Global Team Coaching Institute

Angel and Deb invite you to consider how Team Coaching will unlock a new paradigm of leadership and teamwork. This is essential for your organisation to succeed in facing current challenges and become “future fit”.

Why Team Coaching

In the words of Professor David Clutterbuck, Co-Dean of the Global Institute of Team Coaching, “ after Covid; effective teams and teamwork will make the difference between businesses that recover swiftly and prosper – and those that don’t.

(Currently teams are equipped to)... solve immediate, neatly packaged and discrete problems. (Now however) most of the key challenges teams face are longer-term, messy and interconnected.

Team Coaching is the only way we have to help teams work with and thrive on this complexity, to the benefit of both the team members and the team’s stakeholders.”

Prof. David Clutterbuck, GTCI Co-Dean

What is Team Coaching

Unlike one to one coaching, with a single set of eyes and focus, Team Coaching provides TWO sets of eyes, Angel and Deb who have both trained as ‘Co-Coaches’. Their skills and expertise complement each other and create an environment and impact that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Unlike team building, Team Coaching explores issues that relate to collective performance, enabling the team to recognise and manage influences on its performance, now and in the future.

The approach takes a systemic view of the influences, which concerns the team’s internal dynamics and how it is influenced by and interacts with its stakeholders.

Why Team Coaching Is Important

Today’s world is complex, rapidly and constantly changing. We live in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times, producing ‘Wicked Problems’ - seemingly unsolvable problems.

To succeed in developing a sustainable and prosperous workplace in these conditions, teams need the ability to create connections on multiple levels and think creatively.

Team Literacy, is now an essential competence for all coaches, team leaders and HR professionals.

Benefits For Your Team

This is a powerful and effective process that will enhance the performance of the members, the leader and the team as a whole, as well as impacting the immediate business and the wider organisation.

Team coaching will enable your team to:
1. Navigate today’s hyper-complex and fast-changing world
2. Develop better processes of decision-making and communicating
3. Improve work organisation
4. Work more effectively with other teams and team members
5. Develop greater clarity of purpose
6. Become “future fit”

To Qualify

To take advantage of this opportunity your team must meet a number of prerequisites:
1. Intact team with objectives and direction
2. Autonomy to implement changes within its jurisdiction
3. Senior management willing to support the team coaching initiative
4. Team size of around 5 and 10 members
5. Team will undergo minimal changes in membership for the duration
6. Team members willing to engage in individual coaching


Angel and Deb are co-coaches trained to help your team focus on what is important, understand what is helping or hindering their performance and build more effective ways of working for common purpose.

The process is designed to minimize disruption and maximize its effectiveness. For these reasons, you can anticipate no significant risks.

Team Resource Impact

Option 1 - Three month Trial
approx. 4-6 hours spread over several sessions
2 Sessions
1 Team meeting observation
1 Team check in
End-point diagnostic reviews

*A typical team coaching session would be maximum 2 -3 hours

Option 2 - Nine month Program
approx. 12-16 hours spread over several sessions
4 Sessions spread over the duration
2 Team meeting observations
2 Team check ins
Mid-point and end-point diagnostic reviews
(2hrs each)

The Process

There are broadly 5 steps in the process:
1. Initial engagement to understand the situation and ensure a fit with the Team Coaching process
2. Some discovery discussions with stakeholders, team leaders & team
3. Working with the whole team and establish the objectives and ground rules of the team coaching
4. Partnering with the team to achieve those objectives using the Team Coaching framework and methodology
5. Completion and review of the work against the initial objectives

About The Global Team Coaching Institute 

The Global Team Coaching Institute provides training programs so that top organisations and companies can search for and hire the best team coaches in the world. Their trainers are considered the world’s foremost experts on team coaching and team leadership, gathered from a variety of academic, business and coaching backgrounds, and represent
the latest in Team Coaching Leadership.

Co-founded by WBECS, Professors Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck have over 40 years of experience training teams in 50 countries across all sectors. The institute is designed to help coaches learn from the world’s brightest minds in team coaching and set an industry precedent for quality and success of team coaching and leadership worldwide.

Professor David Clutterbuck, Co-Founder

David Clutterbuck is Co-Founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), a Marshall Goldsmith Global 100 leading coach, and one of the international pioneers of coaching and mentoring. David has authored 70 books, is a Professor at Henley Business School, Oxford Brookes, Sheffield Hallam, and York St John and is a renowned international keynote speaker.

Professor Peter Hawkins, Co-Founder

Peter Hawkins is a Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, author of many best-selling books, and a leading pioneer and thought-leader in areas of systematic team coaching, supervision, and board development. As Chairman of Renewal Associates and Honorary President of the Academy of Executive Coaching, Peter teaches and consults on over 50 countries and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences.

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