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6 Senses

Essential Mindfulness Retreat - Level 2


We have five senses in which we … celebrate … but there are other senses - secret senses, a sixth sense - equally vital, but unrecognized, and unlauded ... unconscious and automatic.

-Oliver Sacks

How are we meant to truly know ourselves or connect with others when life is so noisy?
How can we quieten our mind and operate in the world with peace and calm?
And what happens if we don’t?

While we are busy doing, getting and having –‘achieving’,
our precious life speeds by and we have missed the most important things…
to BE me – to LIVE life – to CONNECT with others.

Come join us at 6 Senses Retreat.

6 Senses Retreat

At A Glance

The 6 Senses Retreat is a mindfulness and meditation retreat where we more fully explore extraordinary ways to connect to Self – our true Self – and access Unity Consciousness. They are awe-inspiring experiences that many have called life changing.

Similar to a yoga retreat, 6 Senses offers a powerful experience to question what you unconsciously believed to be true. Unlike other retreats, we also explore the stories we tell ourselves in wisdom circles, remaining in silence the rest of the time.

Staying open and connected is not as complicated as we often make it. It’s about doing the simple things that nourish and strengthen our mind and body, having practices that support us in returning our awareness to what is really present and learning to respond, rather than react without thinking. Simple, yet profound.

"To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.
If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him."
What to expect

This is NOT like a Vipassana or anything else you've experienced The rules for Vipassana are: No contact with others, no talking, no touching, no gestures, no eye contact. No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. No yoga or physical exercise, no movement that may be disturbing to other meditators. No music, reading or writing. No jewellery or skimpy clothing. No rosary beads, crystals, charms or religious objects. No contact with the outside world. No leaving for ten days. No playing or fun.

And whilst it can certainly be a beautiful and awakening experience in many ways, it is VERY DIFFERENT to what we are offering.This is unlike many silent retreats where you are connecting with Self and not aware of, nor connecting with others.

It is not the absence of communication, rather an enriching, interacting and connecting experience. The nature of this silence is a putting aside of spoken language, both external and internal, to continually and consistently bring yourself back to the experience of right here and now.

There will be encouragements to explore or experiment with doing things a certain way, for sound scientific reasons, although these won’t always be explained, BUT there are NO RULES.

You will be free to do your own thing, in your own way between the sunrise and sunset activities, always keeping in mind the purpose of what we are jointly creating: a loving, respectful, clean.

6 Senses is open
to you if...

You have an established practice of releasing thoughts and stories

You know how to practice mindful observance

You have some experience of being in connection with deeper/wiser/higher Source

You appreciate the practice of Self-Compassion

You enjoy experimenting and exploring

You are willing to hold a clean, open space for others

  • 6 senses testimonial Jo

    Jo L

    When I first came I was overwhelmed. At the Retreat I uncovered my own self which has unlimited potential for finding the calm in the chaos.
    It’s all about not trying to quiet everything out there, but getting back to self and having the quiet regardless of what your life is like. That’s resulted in some great outcomes and successes

  • 6 senses testimonial Cate

    Cate M

    Words cannot describe the experience. Its awe inspiring and phenomenal. The four days have grounded me. There is nothing like it. Of all the things I’ve tried, I’ve experienced nothing like it. I’ve done Demartini and lots of others. Nothing is as real…

  • 6 senses testimonial Carol

    Carol W

    …An eye opener. A heart opener. A soul opener. Many of the questions I had been asking myself for a long time were answered. It is down time to connect and spend time with Self whilst in the presence of others. I had a fabulous time…

  • 6 senses testimonial faye

    Faye P

    I am happier than I can ever remember being…I cannot say what it will do for you, and honestly, I think to assume what it may do would take away from the mystery and discoveries that you can find within yourself
  • 6 senses testimonial barb

    Barb J

    …An experience that gives you a deep knowing that you could never imagine nor explain to anyone who had not had it…
  • 6 senses testimonial marcin

    Marcin P

    This is the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life! It truly was a game changer for me… Even though it is the same world, it’s not the same at all because I see everything differently.