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The Lotus Exercise & Warmup


This video was recorded at a Mindfulness retreat in 2021. It explains how to warm up and the positions for the Lotus exercise.

The Lotus is itself a Qigong warmup or stretch that activates Chi - life force. Once you practice each of the movements or postures, you might like to follow the demonstration.

The Lotus Exercise


Here deb goes through the Lotus with some minor instructions to follow.

This is a good way to practice until you know each of the movements or positions.

The Lotus Exercise


Here deb moves through the Lotus exercise giving only guidance on breathing in and breathing out. Even breathing - breathing equally in and out - is great to regulate your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

The ANS is derailed in some way with stress, the flight, fight or freeze response activated. Breathing evenly trunks off this response and brings your system back into balance.

This is good to do when you have learnt the exercise - the movements and postures and want to be fully in that. You can leave the thinking about the count breathing to deb.