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Inner Realm Immersion Sanctuary (IRIS)

Essential Mindfulness Retreat - Level 1

Prerequisite to attending the 6 Senses Retreat

If you desire peace of mind,
you will find it at the IRIS Retreat.

Bellbird, Hunter Valley

STARTS : Thursday 28 November 2024 (from 4pm)
ENDS    : Sunday 1 December 2024 (around 11am)

Accommodation | Meals | Resources | Qi Gong/Yoga Facilitation | Sensory Activities | Mindful Activities

Fee ranges from Budget Early Bird $980 per person for share queen bed to Luxury exclusive fee $4360 for a  master bedroom with ensuite.



Swimming Pool

Dinning Room

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 6

    We are committed to creating a loving and transformative experience for you, so our facilitation is our gift, FREE OF CHARGE. The retreat, though, incurs some necessary expenses.

    Fees cover YOUR SHARE of these actual costs, such as venue, materials, and meals, etc. If you prefer more than base accommodation; which is share a bed and/or share a room, there are upgrade options available.

    IRIS Retreat

    Our Promise

    IRIS is a place for you to learn highly effective meditation techniques to connect with your deepest, wisest Self. We use silence as a tool to release judgement and stories and learn to be present with what is.

    This is an emergent program, fully customised to the group so it's different every time. We can’t promise a set curriculum but you can be sure you'll transform in ways you might never have believed possible.

    Experienced meditators, who have been practising for years, have been "blown away" by the power to calm their minds much more quickly. Even some who believed "I can't meditate" have been surprised.

    At IRIS retreat, we can promise you these:

    Learn highly effective meditation techniques and connect with your deepest, wisest Self

    A relaxed and refreshing atmosphere

    A wealth of knowledge and lived experience on human behaviour and spiritual transformation

    Learn what makes you tick

    Come to know and appreciate your whole self - thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviours all

    Practice seeing beyond the human form to the essence that resides within

    IRIS is open
    to those

    who are willing to learn this kind of wordless connecting

    who are willing to experiment and explore energy within

    who aim to be gently with themselves and others

    who are willing to hold a clean, respectful space for others

    IRIS creates a space away from the hustle & bustle of daily living and the judgement of society
    • Whilst not a silent retreat, we do use silence as a tool for transformation and self discovery.
    • Whilst not a personal development retreat, you’ll learn tools to school the mind.
    • Whilst not a yoga or meditation retreat, we do practice Qigong and meditation for inner quietness.
    • And it prepares you for our "life-changing" 6 Senses experience.
    • Others have called it "indescribable, "profound," "potent," and "incredible.

    Faye R

    I am happier than I can ever remember being…I cannot say what it will do for you, and honestly, I think to assume what it may do would take away from the mystery and discoveries that you can find within yourself.

    Megan K

    My ability to problem solve has been transformed this weekend. When my mind is still, I don't end up down the rabbit hole.

    Joshua Q

    Noticing how active my mind way - how different I feel now.

    Marcin P

    This is the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life! It truly was a game changer for me… Even though it is the same world, it’s not the same at all because I see everything differently.

    Barb J

    …An experience that gives you a deep knowing that you could never imagine nor explain to anyone who had not had it…


    I always find that no matter what I am seeking, I see that show up amongst the group.

    Glenda B

    The feeling of safety and security in the space enabled me to open.

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