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Mental Clarity & Brain Reset

Before you embark on a tranformative journey, you want to be sure we're a comfortable and proper fit to unlock the boundless potiential of your mind. This is because a great mindset coach transcends transaction; more than merely a guide, you want a collaborative partner on your path, someone who can aid you in flourishing in both professional and personal spheres. You want to be sure we enjoy working with eachother and that your blown away by the process.

A great way to get a feel for working with me is to experience a powerful shift in a single exploration session. This can be a significant first step for several of reasons:

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Clarity of Purpose:

Discussing your ambitions, challenges, and aspirations, can help you clarify what you REALLY want to achieve and create a roadmap for living more fully on Purpose. Clarity of purpose can offer immediate benefits in terms of perspective and focused prioirtising of you attention and energy.
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Immediate Insights:

Every single session you can expect to have a profound shift at a deep integrated level. This is like a 'Brain Rest'. The neuroscience around memory reconsolidation is mindblowing - it's like deleting old code that no longer serves you. You'll also gain valuable insights and approaches to start working on your mindset or specific issues.
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Assessing our Compatibility:

Vital to the ongoing sucess, is assessing whether we have good rapport and whether my coaching style aligns with your needs and personality.  You'll be able to experience this in a single session.
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Sampling Techniques:

I have a unique way of utilising neuroscience and many impactful modalities. Experience first-hand some of the profoundly effective techniques I use and determine if my approach resonates ... if you find my method compelling.
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Targeted Focus:

You can use the session to breakthrough a particular issue or challenge you're facing. A single session can give you some actionable advice and new perspectives for that specific concern.
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Going a little deeper, the session may help uncover underlying beliefs or thought patterns holding you back and give you a starting point for personal growth and perhaps inspiration to discover even more about your potential. 
Mindset coaching is about empowering you to take control of your thoughts and actions. Even one session with me can leave you with a sense of empowerment and a greater understanding of your potential, so I encourage you to take action now and contact me to arrange an appointment so you can... (see for yourself.)

Dr Aurelie Quade


I speak two languages, have achieved my Ph.D., have a great job, have three beautiful children and a gorgeous partner, but I couldn't enjoy any of these things.

I sat at my desk, immobilised by panic attacks that seemed to come out of nowhere. I should have been soaring, but my brain was clipping my wings.

I thought, 'I need a coach who could help me set goals and make me accountable. I needed a vision and targets to achieve, to feel better.' But what’s the value of working towards achievements, if the main problem is how you're operating? My most urgent problem was “my anxiety”.

Someone told me that Deb could rewire my brain and fix my glitches. Deb said this could happen in a couple of sessions, and I thought, “That can not be right. Maybe for others, but I have been carrying this around for 42 years”.

We had ONE SESSION. In that one session, I felt something profound change in me and I have not had a panic attack since.

Merci du fond du coeur Deb.
Dr Aurelie Quade



A session is $795 inc gst for 90-120 minute.
The session can be conducted either in-person or virtually via ZOOM, and can be recorded.


Why do I offer a full refund if notable change is not achieved? Although I encourage an expectation of 10 fold increase or change in 12 months, many achieve this in the first one to three months. And these results do not depend upon you working hard or conscientiously. Because I work with the deep unconscious structures and processes that are innate in us all, I know that you can not NOT get profound results. All you have to do is: turn up for your coaching and implement, and you will get results way beyond what you can initially anticipate.

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Perhaps you can’t fully appreciate what this will mean for you in terms of increased influence, income, personal fulfillment and satisfaction, though I look forward to your surprise as you choose to take this journey.

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Perhaps you can’t fully appreciate what this will mean for you in terms of increased influence, income, personal fulfillment and satisfaction, though I look forward to your surprise as you choose to take this journey.