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Mindset Mastery Matters - Reels

De-Stress With Laughter

A dose of humor can instantly boost your mood, melt away stress, and unleash those feel-good neurotransmitters.

Straw Breathing To Breathe Stress Away

Stressed out? Try the magic of straw breathing! 🌬️✨ Inhale slowly for 4 counts, then exhale for 6 or more.

Create Magic With Love

Infuse everyday moments with love and see how it turns into extraordinary.

Happy Skip

Who likes to skip? Well... that is the simplest happiness hack! This reel explores the neuroscience side of adding a simple skip to your feet.

Mind Your Stress

We all have stress & it can motivate us BUT it doesn’t switch itself off.

Here is my most fun ‘off’ switch to tell your nervous system that stress is over.

Mind Your Mind’s Trouble-Making.

Our mind’s can be our best assets but also our worst enemy. Self-doubt, questions ourselves and generally giving us a hard time. Here is how to interrupt it when it makes you feel bad.

Mind Your Smile

You think you feel good so you smile. Nope! Smile and your mind thinks ‘I must be happy’. Here’s how you can use this to deal with challenges.

Nature, Your Brain’s Stress-Relief Secret!

Daily pressures can take a toll on your brain, but nature's magic can help. Step outside, gaze at nature, or keep a nature pic close – it's your brain's stress-relief secret!.

Mindful Meaning-Making

Here's how your brain works and how to interrupt it when it makes you feel bad.