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Sydney Mindset Coach
Unlocks Your Full Potential


Being a Mindset Coach in Sydney, I deeply understand how Leaders, Business Executives and Professionals in Australian cities often feel stuck in the daily grind, wondering how to break free and achieve faster progress in their personal and professional lives.

If this sounds like you, this is the perfect moment to consider working with a mindset coach who understands your context. 

Although I work mainly out of Sydney, my services extend along the eastern seaboard of Australia and through video conferencing globally. I am available to individuals, businesses, and companies seeking guidance.

Is a Mindset Coach or Life Coach More Suited?

Mindset and life coaching are distinct approaches to personal development and what you want to achieve. 

Mindset coaching delves deep into understanding and reshaping limiting beliefs, fostering a growth mindset, and enhancing mental resilience. Mindset coaches identify and overcome mental barriers that may hinder their progress and success, ultimately empowering them to realise their long-term goals by changing how they perceive and respond to challenges.

In contrast, life coaching - sometimes referred to as "personal coaching" or "performance coaching"- takes a broader approach, addressing various facets of a person's life. Life coaches work with people to start setting and fulfilling specific life goals, providing direction, accountability, and a plan of action to navigate life's complexities. 

Deb Maes
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Mindset Coaching Benefits

Achieving your full potential necessitates nurturing a profound sense of self-trust and empowerment.
Here are some compelling reasons why I focuses on mindset mastery:

Confidence Boost:

When you trust yourself, your confidence soars. Believing in your abilities and judgment allows you to take on challenges enthusiastically and be resilient. This confidence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as it often leads to better outcomes.


Self-trust empowers you to take calculated risks. It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities. Without trust in yourself, fear of failure can hold you back, preventing you from discovering your true capabilities.


Life is full of setbacks and obstacles. Self-trust and empowerment act as a safety net during tough times. They provide the inner strength needed to bounce back from failures, learn from mistakes, and keep moving forward toward your future.

Goal Achievement:

Believing in yourself helps you set and achieve ambitious targets. It enables you to persevere when faced with setbacks, maintain focus, and stay motivated throughout your journey. Without self-trust, you may doubt your abilities and give up prematurely.

What Does a Mindset Coach Do?

A mindset coach aids individuals in restructuring their thought processes and overcoming barriers that hinder personal and professional growth. By posing questions and formulating an action plan, coaches support clients in cultivating a successful mindset and attaining their objectives.

The International Coach Federation acknowledges the significance of mindset and the ability to instigate change through tailored strategies.

Why is Mindset Coaching Today Essential for Success?

The importance of mindset coaching in today’s fast-paced and evolving environment cannot be overstated. As underscored by the Harvard Business Review, a coach is crucial in nurturing a mindset that enhances both business savvy and operational capabilities. Successful entrepreneurs and those pursuing self-improvement find mindset coaching to be an invaluable resource. This form of coaching instructs clients on embracing the correct mindset and strategies to achieve their goals and access their highest potential.
Deb Maes

Deb Maes

Deb is like a magician in the way she is able to discern the exact key to unlock more of the untapped potential in leaders.

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