The Most Powerful Force In The Universe:
Your Presuppositions

last updated on JUNE 2022

‘What are presuppositions and why pay attention?’

We all make assumptions that we believe to be true, even though we haven’t really explored them or haven't really gathered evidence for them. This is not all bad. We have to make some assumptions otherwise we wouldn’t be able to function – we wouldn’t be able to take any action.

However, many things that we assume, or suppose as true, aren’t in our conscious awareness – they are ‘presupposed’. For example, when I turn on the tap, I don’t suppose water will come out, I don’t even think about it. It’s pre or before supposing and is implied in my action; it has to be what I believe for me to take the action of turning on the tap, right? It only comes into my awareness that I presupposed or expected water if water doesn’t come as I expected.

This is how I use the word ‘presuppose’, an assumption or a belief that is so permeating that it does not even come into consciousness. This is the ‘pre’ part of ‘presuppositions’, it is ‘pre’ or before our consciousness. It is something we suppose is true without thought. In other words, a presupposition is an unconscious assumption that something is true.

As I’ve suggested, it is really important that we make some assumptions, because we can’t allow everything to come into consciousness. Imagine if we stopped to think about everything before we did anything!

Right now, as I sit here typing this for you, I unconsciously assume that the chair is solid enough to hold me. You know, sometimes chairs are faulty and they don’t hold you, but most of the time they do, so we just sit down. We open a door and walk into a room and we presuppose that there are foundations and that they will hold the floor. These are just simple little things that I use to illustrate that there are many, many, many assumptions that we make, all day long, every day.

What we presuppose to be true is very powerful because it informs the way we act and the choices that we make. I’d like to offer this one for you to consider.

“There is NO perception without projection.”
Or said another way… “Spot it, you’ve got it.”

What is this pointing to, do you wonder? It is suggesting that ALL the things in the world, everything that you perceive, is actually YOU. Think of a projector; you see the image out there on the screen but where is the source of the image? Inside the projector. This is the same with everything that you experience in the world.

Now keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be true to powerfully impact how you act and the result you get; just presuppose it is true and you will get a consistent and predictable result.

In applying this presupposition, what can you predict might happen when you consider the admirable qualities you see in others and presuppose; if I am perceiving it, it is a projection (or reflection) of me?

Perhaps then you can ask, “How is what I’m seeing true of me?” “Where or how is this already in me?”

What you will find is that this will become unlocked and available in you.

Deb Maes

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